Riot reportedly in talks to organize ‘bubble system’ for League of Legends 2020 world championship


Riot Games plans to hold this year League of Legends World Championship in a “single city bubble hub format” like the NBA, according to an ESPN report.The report comes after China canceled all international sporting events until the end of 2020 earlier today. Given the international nature of the Worlds, the event could be postponed, although Riot has not yet announced any changes to the tournament. the League of Legends The world championships and other esports events would not, however, fall under the “sports” classification.

A bubble system could serve as an alternative to cancellation. The system would see the 24 qualified teams arrive in Shanghai weeks before the tournament begins to quarantine at the same hotel. Contacts with strangers would be limited and all players would compete from a central location throughout the event.

The 2020 World Championship, which would take place in six Chinese cities, was scheduled for the fall and would mark the 10th anniversary of the international event.

According to the ESPN report, China will host Worlds 2021, which was originally scheduled to take place in North America, whether this year’s international event takes place in a bubble system or if “plans change”. North America will instead receive hosting functions for the 2022 Worlds.

Earlier this year, the global COVID-19 pandemic struck League events, forcing Riot to disconnect the annual mid-season tournament. Likewise, major regions have seen games move to an online format, with the Spring Split finalists competing for the respective titles of their region from the security of their own homes.


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