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Richard Madeley has apologised for an advice column in which he appeared to minimize the importance of player concerns that their neighbor might be a victim of domestic violence.

The TV presenter, who writes the agony uncle page for The Daily Telegraph, said that his critics were “absolutely right” after the drive letter and its response has drawn attention on social media.

Charity groups, including Standing Together Against Domestic Violence and Refuge describes his advice as ” appalling and dangerous “.

Published on Saturday, the anonymous reviewer described hearing bangs and crashes, and screaming “coming from their neighbour’s property, saying that it happened” most nights “.

They have also written: “Because of the strange night of activity and combat, I feel confused, that things don’t seem right. ”

The letter continues: “I fear that something could come to light, in the future, and I feel guilty because I have done nothing, despite the foreboding that things are not fair. ”

In its response, Madeley suggested that ” if a kind of serious abuse was involved, you would have noticed (in the form of black eyes, cut lips and the like, or in the end of the night, visits from the police, after a drunken 999 calls) “.

He also wrote: “If they were going to kill each other, they would have done it for a long time. “

Madeley, with his wife and TV co-presenter Judy Finnigan at the National Television Awards earlier in the year 2020

A Twitter user wrote: “This kind of advice is why the survivors are continually believed and why abuse continues to be “hidden” (it is not hidden, it is simply ignored). ”

Following criticism of its response, Madeley has presented his apologies in a statement posted on Twitter Tuesday.

The 64-year-old said that he had contacted a number of people to say sorry and that it will tackle the issue in his next article, on the weekend.

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“Hi, everybody. My criticism 2day are absolutely right – I mis-judged this one, tonally and in contents. SO annoyed with yourself, ” Madeley wrote.

“‘ve reached this afternoon 2 different people and apologize for+the address in Saturday,” paper “.

His statement concluded with the Latin phrase ” mea culpa “, which means ” through my fault “.

Following his apology, Standing Together Against Domestic Violence has thanked those who have highlighted the column and also thanked Madeley to ” own ” his mistake.


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