Ric Flair’s wife battling COVID-19, Ric denies testing positive


Wendy Barlow is currently battling COVID-19.WWE Hall of Famer wife Ric Flair, also known to pro wrestling fans as former WCW star Fifi The Maid, is currently living with the coronavirus, according to the New York Post. The Nature Boy confirmed the diagnosis to the Post.

Flair confirmed his wife’s battle with COVID-19 just days after photographers spotted him at a Starbucks store in Georgia on Friday, without a mask. It should be noted that he was in his car at the wheel.

A source close to the situation told the Post that Flair already had the coronavirus and had tested positive two days before Wednesday of last week. Flair denied this claim.

“This is absolutely incorrect,” Flair told the Post. “My wife does [have the virus]… We live in a 5,000 square foot house. I live in the basement. She lives upstairs on the third floor and has fallen ill. ”

Flair then hung up the phone before the Post reporter could ask any further questions. They contacted him by text and he noted that his “health is excellent” at the moment.

The Post also noted that Barlow is “very ill” while Flair is “mostly asymptomatic except for some cough.”

Flair, 71, recently worked on WWE RAW television recordings at the Performance Center in Orlando, despite the pandemic and epidemics within the company.

Below are some photos from Flair’s maskless run at Starbucks on Friday:


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