Revealed: Bury neighborhood which saw more Covid-19 deaths in June than almost anywhere in England


A district of Bury recorded one of the highest numbers of coronavirus deaths in England in June, new figures have revealed.A total of eight people died in the suburban villages of Walmersley and Limefield north of the city last month.

The figure is the highest in Greater Manchester, according to a recently released map showing how deaths involving Covid-19 have been distributed across the country.

No other neighborhood in the Greater Manchester area saw more than five deaths in June.

And only four other neighborhoods in England and Wales – Starbeck (near Harrogate), Bishop Auckland Central & West (County Durham), Hengrove (in Bristol) and Kearsney, River & Whitfield (Dover), had more deaths of Covid-19 than Walmersley and Limefield last month.

The Bureau of National Statistics map shows the number of deaths in areas known as Mid-Layer Super Output Areas, which are areas roughly the same size as council quarters but do not correspond to neighborhood boundaries. There are around 7,200 in England and Wales.

Walmerlsey and Limefield is roughly equivalent to the Bury Council district of Moorside and the two villages are linked by the A56 Walmersley Road northbound towards Ramsbottom.

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In most parts of England, the number of deaths in June was lower than in May and April.

However, Walmersley and Limefield have resisted the trend, with June being the district’s deadliest month. There were six deaths in May and April and there were 22 deaths in total.

It is not yet clear whether the peak in deaths seen in June was linked to a specific location in the region.


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