Restaurant owner Maryland Fiery’s Facebook post sparked uproar – NBC4 Washington


The owner of a restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland, wrote a controversial article on social media telling customers that he would not require waiters to wear face masks.

The post deleted since on the Grill at Flower Hill Facebook page read in part: “Let me be very clear… my staff will not wear masks for work here at the Grid. If this bothers you, please dine elsewhere and try to find something more important to occupy your time, such as volunteering at a nursing home or a soup kitchen. ”

The owner wrote the message in response to a customer complaint to the Montgomery County health service that restaurant staff were not wearing masks and that some customers were sitting too close.

“Whoever you are who has made the complaint, you have to look in the mirror and try to find real meaning in your life,” the owner said in the message.

In a telephone interview with News4, the owner, who did not want to be identified, said that he received death threats in response to his message.

He said he felt the masks were bad for people’s health and that they were uncomfortable to wear.

He also said that he gave his staff the opportunity to wear masks, but they all chose not to wear them.

Montgomery County requires people to wear face masks in public.

The county health department said it sent an inspector to Flower Hill Grid last Thursday and reminded the restaurant of the rules.

But the county says it has since received more complaints about waiters still not wearing masks.

Monday, the restaurant is closed. County officials say they did not force the owner to close.

The owner said he hoped to reopen Thursday and told News4 that he had no plans to change his position on the masks.

Some former customers have told News4 that they will eat elsewhere.

“Now that I know they won’t be wearing masks, I don’t know what I trust to eat there – even when everyone no longer has to wear masks. If they don’t care, ”Susan Gunster told me.

“It’s as easy as everyone to do your part, and I would feel safer to go. Now that not everyone is, it’s like we’re back to the start. ”
So I’m as likely to stay at home as I was back then, even more so now, to see messages like this, “said Steven Schlee.

The health department announced plans to send another inspector on Thursday.

Anyone who knowingly contravenes the order of the mask in Montgomery County is guilty of an offense and could face up to a year in prison and / or a fine of $ 5,000.


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