Residents cleaning up after storm in Waterloo region


KITCHENER – People are cleaning up branches and water after a storm hit Waterloo Region on Sunday morning. The storm was accompanied by high winds, lightning and torrential downpours, which triggered a tornado warning from Environment Canada.

The water caused localized flooding in Kitchener.

“I saw the water flowing in slicks, blown by the wind,” said Heather MacDougall, a resident of Kitchener.

MacDougall hopes his sump pump will help minimize water damage.

“Pump water from my window wells and, where we used it, to pump the remaining water from the grass in the yard,” she says.

Strong winds blew with the storm. Hydro One said that more than 9,000 customers in the Waterloo region had lost electricity at some point during the storm.

Cambridge resident Todd Leach said he made his way to the basement and waited for the storm to pass before stepping out to broken trees and fences.

“We lost a tree on the street here, just across the street, there’s another tree down there,” Leach said.

Other trees had branches torn off.

“Unfortunately, it happened on our driveway,” said Kitchener resident Aiden Rice.

Frank Seglenieks, coordinator of the University of Waterloo weather station, said the storm was fueled by intense humidity.

“The line between the hot to humid temperatures we have seen in recent days and the cooler air, which is often marked by very harsh weather conditions,” he said.

The storm has accumulated a lot of rain in a short time.

“We got around 20 millimeters, which is pretty good in just 15 to 30 minutes,” Seglenieks said. “So it was very obviously intense. “


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