Report: Strict entry rules could prevent Max Domi from entering the playoffs


One of the Montreal Canadiens’ primary concerns since the NHL’s desire to end the season was revealed was how Max Domi’s status would be affected. Would he decide that, as a Type 1 diabetic, that the risk was too great, would the team decide to ban it as a precaution, or would all parties feel that the risk could be managed and that could he play?

Today, as part of a published set of guidelines for the NHL plan to resume the season, that decision may have been made for them.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has a list of people who are considered to be in the high-risk group for serious illness following the contraction of COVID-19, and diabetes is one of the pre-existing conditions. Any doctor evaluating Domi would judge him unfit to play for this reason.

Domi and Canadians could ask for a second opinion in this case, but the government’s guidelines are pretty clear in this case. It seems that he will not be able to join the team on the ice when stage 3 begins in the coming days.


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