Report: Saudi TV complex may see Newcastle breakthrough


The past 24 hours have been a roller coaster ride in Newcastle United’s takeover saga, and not for the first time, it leaves the situation with endless possibilities.Richard Keys, the television presenter for BeInSports, said Monday that the Premier League would approve the takeover of Newcastle this week.

We all know that the issue of piracy is the main stumbling block for redemption. BeIN SPORTS is the official Premier League partner and is losing wealth following an unprecedented scale of piracy via beoutQ satellite television.

The Daily Mail’s Craig Hope tweeted yesterday that the Premier League is expected to issue its verdict in favor of potential Newcastle owners shortly.

But the takeover saga took a full turn after the Saudi government permanently banned the Qatar-based Premier League broadcast partner in the Middle East from operating in the kingdom.

According to reports from The Guardian, BeIN’s £ 500m Premier League deal extends to 2022 and there is now no legal way for anyone in Saudi Arabia to watch the football league the most popular in the world so far.

They also fined them 10 million riyals (about £ 2.14 million) for violating Saudi competition law.

Matt Slater of The Athletic claimed on Twitter that the Saudis made a mistake. They did exactly the opposite of what they should do.

However, The Shields Gazette provided a fascinating glimpse into the latest complexity of the television deal.

They say the Saudis want to end all ties to BeinSports and are looking to buy Premier League broadcast rights in their own territory, especially since they are buying Newcastle United.

The report says the Saudi Telecom Company is the first to buy out the share of the Premier League agreement reached by BeIN, and they also want to buy rights for the entire region, outbidding on BeIN, if that is the case.

Many Newcastle fans turned to Twitter to express their reactions. Here are some of the selected tweets:


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