Report: NBPA and Westbrook to design shirts with more social justice messages


The National Basketball Players Association would be partnering with Russell Westbrook’s clothing line to design shirts for NBA players featuring social justice messages that were not on the league-approved list for inclusion on jerseys at the resumption of play, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

Earlier this month, the league and the Players ‘Association agreed on a list of 29 messages that would appear on players’ shirts when they speak for the relaunched league campaign.

The agreed list of terms included: Black Lives Matter, Say their names, Vote, I can’t breathe, Justice, Peace, Equality, Freedom, Enough, Power to the people, Justice Now, Say his name, Sí Se Puede (Yes We Can), Liberation, See us, Listen to us, Respect us, Love us, Listen, Listen to us, Stand up, Ally, Antiracist, I am a man, Speak, How much more, Group economy, Reform of the education and mentor.

The decision to present the messages came amid the continued movement against systemic racism and efforts to help advance the cause when the NBA returns to the game. However, after the jersey messages were announced, some players spoke out. limits of having to stick with a list of terms.

Toronto Raptors forward Norman Powell was among them. The San Diego, Calif., Native on Thursday expressed disappointment with the limited list and said he would rather put “Am I next?” »On his own jersey.

According to Charania, Powell’s favorite message is among those to be included in designs for the NBPA and the Houston Rockets veteran clothing line, along with the following: Systemic Racism, Police Reform, I Can’t Breathe , No Justice No Peace, Break the Cycle, strange fruit, by all means, power to the people and equality.

NBPA executive director Michele Roberts told ESPN that 285 of the 350 eligible players expected would include one of the agreed social messages on their jerseys – Powell opted for “Black Lives Matter” instead of his favorite message – while that 17 players had chosen not to show any of the messages on their shirts.


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