Report: Chefs and Chris Jones have started contract talks


Getty Images

After months without news on contract negotiations for Chiefs defensive forward Chris Jones, there is just a bit of news now.

Jones and the chefs have started talking about a long-term contract, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

But starting to talk and make a long-term deal that is acceptable to both parties are two different things, and with the July 15 deadline that waits for franchise players to sign long-term contracts, it won’t easy to do something.

If Jones does not sign a long-term deal, he could only play the 2020 season with the salary of a one-year franchise player of $ 16,126 million. But Jones hinted that he might not play at all if he didn’t get a long-term deal. Jones said he discussed it with Le’Veon Bell, who spent the entire 2018 season after the Steelers franchised it, then signed with the Jets in 2019.

The two sides surely hope that something will be done by July 15, but hope that they can do it does not mean that they can reach an agreement on the money.


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