Replacement names of Washington Redskins filed by man


However, he is not some sort of branded troll who is trying to make quick money. In fact, it is the opposite.

Philip Martin McCauley, 61, told CNN that he had been a fan of the franchise since the 1980s and that quarterback Joe Theisman was his favorite player in the history of the franchise. He says his goal is just to get the team to change their name.

“I want them to change their names and I’m embarrassed if I do anything to slow it down,” McCauley tweeted Tuesday. “I thought if I hoarded all the right names that would prevent someone else who might have neck pain from getting them.” ”

McCauley first registered the Washington Pigskins trademark in 2015, and although he lost the account himself, a search on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows that he owns trademarks for names such as Washington Monuments, Washington Redtails, Washington Veterans, Washington Red Wolves and Washington Warriors.

Although he has trademarks for a number of potential team names, McCauley said he offered them for free in writing on July 4. However, he said he had not been contacted by the team or the NFL.

As for how much he spent on all trademarks, McCauley simply said that it is “less than someone would pay to go to home games for 6 years for tickets, parking and refreshments. ”

While McCauley told CNN that his first choice for the team’s new name was the Washington Pandas, the team is very unlikely to even consider it. McCauley can at least take some comfort in knowing that the team has made a commitment to change his name, and he hopes it isn’t some sort of obstacle on the way.


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