Reopening of Las Vegas casino backfires on COVID-19 in Nevada


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to hit the United States, Las Vegas appears to be operating as usual. The casinos have been open since June 4 – undeterred by the 123 visitors who tested positive for the highly contagious virus and employee Caesars, 51, who died in late June.But it’s not business as usual for doctors and nurses in the besieged Las Vegas health system, who say they are “overwhelmed and terrified” by the massive influx of new cases in a state officially considered to be a “zone. red “by the White House.

“I would say that last month we were completely overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients and our hospital is running out of space,” a Las Vegas emergency doctor, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of professional reprisals, told the daily. . Beast Friday. “Not only are we overwhelmed and terrified, but according to the figures for the rest of the country, it will only get worse for us.”


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