Releasing 1 useless character would have absolutely not changed the film


It’s really no secret that many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans didn’t like Avengers: Age of Ultron as of 2014. There are occasional complex reasons why, including just not liking the AI ​​character of Ultron in the first place.

As Ultron had the worst personality traits of Tony Stark, he became a bit of a boring villain for some. Again, other fans defend the film as being only slightly defective.

One thing is certain, the use of Pietro Maximoff (alias Quicksilver) seemed to be a lost opportunity in some eyes. A number of fans note that if Pietro had never appeared in the film, it probably would not have improved Age of Ultron significantly.

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Return to Pietro Maximoff

Maybe not all fans saw Quicksilver as a useless character. As a brother of Wanda Maximoff, Pietro seemed a little rash for a while due to faster thinking than the average person.

However, he ultimately became a key ally of the Avengers, particularly in trying to bring down Ultron. Although he was first on the side of Ultron to bring down Tony Stark, Pietro turned to the side of the Avengers when he realized what Ultron wanted to do to destroy all humans.

In the end, Pietro ended up sacrificing his own life to save Hawkeye’s life in the middle of a battle of Ultron. Rather than being an epic shipment, it came a bit short compared to Stark’s sacrificial death years later.

The reason why this happened was probably due to the fact that Pietro did not have enough character development, otherwise also did not have enough sympathy for the audience. In addition, Wanda’s response to the death of Pietro (ripping Ultron’s heart) made Age of Ultron seem more rambling than the usual MCU function.

Reddit fans split on Age of Ultron review

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As a Reddit fan recently remarked: “Just the entire use on Pietro in this film was horrible. Come to think of it, it was my only big beef with Age of Ultron. ”

Some time ago, another thread was started on Reddit, asking why fans Age of Ultron so much. Fans have said it is not as bad as others are trying to do. The problem was that even with a few minor flaws, it made it considerably less important than all the other entries in the franchise.

Perhaps others would argue that this raises the bar far too high for the MCU, although each subsequent film definitely continues. A good argument can also be made, the director makes all the difference.

Joss Whedon was the director of Age of Ultron, finally clear the way for its exit. More than a few critics think Whedon has taken the MCU in the wrong direction with this film, including letting go, through Deadline, and going along with Marvel on the creative differences.

If Pietro Maximoff had been eliminated, would it have made a difference?

Even if the fans’ opinion on the death of Pietro seems useless, the real beef is often with Ultron himself. It was just weird to see an AI villain take on Tony Stark’s worst features.

Others think it was too far removed from the comic book version of Ultron where it looked more like a Terminator figure. Having Ultron similar to Stark made him look like an evil human brother rather than a simple robotic figure.

These creative divisions over what the Marvel Comics have done and what the movies are doing may not be a valid argument for the quality of the film. Most of his problem is waiting for all MCU movies since its inception.

There was no problem with Pietro as a character. Maybe his timing was bad for dying in a slightly inferior MCU film rather than waiting to die more gallantly during The Snap in Infinity War.


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