Record floods in China impact US PPE supply chain


The floods also have an impact on American supply chains for personal protective equipment, essential to fight the pandemic.

Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus, lies along the banks of the Yangtze River, where water levels have reached their fourth highest level in recorded history.

West of Wuhan in Xiantao is the largest Chinese manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics used in the production of PPE. Torrential rains have created additional barriers for the export of goods, including PPE, as some shipments can be delayed for up to three weeks, according to a Reuters report.

“It’s just about creating another major hurdle here in regards to PPE entering the United States – it’s the worst times for that to happen, but that’s what we owe. cope now, ”Michael Einhorn, president of Dealmed, told Reuters. . Dealmed purchases disposable lab coats and other products from Wuhan and neighboring areas.

Red alerts were in place last week for Hubai, Anhui, Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces as endless rain continued to hit the Yangtze River basin.

Although flooding caused by monsoon rains occurs almost every year in this part of China, the economic impact cannot be ignored as the country tries to escape the adverse effects of the lockdown posed by the Covid pandemic. 19.

According to the state-run Xinhua News Agency, the flooding last week caused 82.23 billion yuan (11.76 billion USD) in economic losses in China.

The progression of the annual monsoon season in East Asia

No more floods expected

More flood rain is expected as an unusually strong stationary weather limit continues to dump additional precipitation over already ravaged areas.

It has been particularly severe in recent times in Jiangxi and Hubei provinces, where 50 to 150 mm (2 to 6 inches) of additional rain is expected over the next five days.

The latest data from the weather model suggests that the heaviest rain (more than 150 to 250 mm – or 6 to 10 inches – over the next 5 days) will occur in Shandong and Hainan provinces.

Rain will also extend to North Korea and, to a lesser extent, South Korea.


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