Random: Suda51 appears in direct Devolver credits, shows two more seconds of heroes 3


Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Gochi Suda continues to appear in the places we least expect. This time, it was during the credits of the direct presentation of Devolver Digital. Why was he there? To show another two seconds of No More Heroes 3 images, of course.Yes, we actually got two seconds of No More Heroes 3. This time you can actually see the protagonist of the game Travis Touchdown and some camera movements, but most of the focus is on Suda51, giving thumbs up to viewers. In this photo, he’s also holding an Xbox 360 controller, and while it may sound a little weird, it’s Probably a development construction.

Curiously, the video download of the broadcast on Devolver Digital’s YouTube channel replaces this scene with the following:

Suda’s brief appearance during the credits for Devolver follows her appearance at the very start of Showcase New Game + Expo 2020 last month. In this particular show, he delivered a special message that the time was right for players to spend more time playing, while images of No More Heroes 3 appeared on the screen in the background.


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