“Racist Radio Karen” invites himself to New Hampshire


A New Hampshire radio host was fired after a racist tirade.Dianna Ploss got the start of WSMN 1590 for his tirade against a group of landscapers who spoke Spanish.

“Dianna Ploss is no longer associated or affiliated in any way with WSMN or Bartis-Russell Broadcasting, LLC, “read a statement, according to TMZ.

“We at WSMN promote freedom of expression, freedom of expression and assembly. We will not tolerate discrimination, racism or hatred. ”

Ploss approached the workers, shouting, “This is America. Speak English! They replied that they were a private company, but continued to insult them.

When an African American man confronted her about the incident, she said, “Because he’s a black man, he’s going to protect the brown man from this white woman. ”

Ploss later wrote on Facebook, “I don’t back down. ”

A report said that Ploss left his job in 2016 to campaign for Donald Trump.


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