Purolator Confirms Coronavirus Outbreak at Toronto Facility


Purolator has confirmed that a COVID-19 outbreak has been declared at a Toronto facility.On Wednesday, a spokesperson said that a “number of COVID-19 cases” have been detected in their center in Ontario for the Canadian courier service.

An epidemic is declared when more than two people in the same environment are infected with the virus.

“We have worked diligently with Toronto Public Health and are confident that we have contained the spread and that our operations and packages are safe,” David Bauer told The Daily Hive in a written statement.

“Our facility follows strict protocols for personal protective equipment and we maintain rigorous standards of hygiene and physical distancing.”

Bauer also said the company has implemented extensive medical screening, contact tracing and on-site testing.

He noted that when it comes to handling packages, as confirmed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, coronaviruses have “low survivability on surfaces.”

“The risk of spreading products shipped over a period of days or weeks, with changes in temperature and humidity, makes the likelihood of survival on surfaces highly unlikely.”

Bauer added that there was no known risk of coronavirus entering Canada on packages or packages.


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