Province Recategorizes COVID-19 Statistics From British Columbia To Show Cases Among Non-Residents


Content of the article

More than half of the 51 COVID-19 cases detected in British Columbia among residents of another country appear to be linked to temporary foreign workers who have self-isolated in hotels.

Provincial health worker Dr. Bonnie Henry said at a news conference on Thursday that the province will continue to report cases by each health authority, but added a separate category for people who test positive in British Columbia but residing outside of Canada.

“It’s just a way to make sure we understand the impact on the people here, and the impact of travel and other people arriving in British Columbia during this pandemic,” she said. “This particularly includes visitors who were here and fell ill during their stay, as well as people like our temporary foreign workers who are here.”

According to the most recent status report from the BC Center for Disease Control, 51 of the 3,028 reported cases of COVID-19 in British Columbia involved residents of another country. Only 10 people, or 20%, were women, while the average age of non-residents was 44 years.


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