Protester Nicknamed ‘Naked Athena’ Confronts Portland Police


This cheeky protester gave the cops in Portland a public bandage.Wearing only a face mask and bonnet, a woman dubbed a “Naked Athlete” waltzed between officers and protesters during a confrontation in the city on Friday night, according to Oregon Live.

A video posted to social media shows the woman pacing the sidewalk, before sitting down and engaging in a series of yoga and ballet poses.

“Everyone seemed surprised and quite astonished,” said Dave Killen, photographer for The Oregonian / OregonLive.

The photos Killen took from the frontal demo quickly went viral.

He said officers shot pepper balls at the woman’s feet and another protester ran past her with a homemade shield, but she avoided him.

The police left about 10 minutes after the naked woman showed up, said Killen.

“She was incredibly vulnerable,” he said at the point of sale. “It would have been extremely painful to be shot with one of these ammunition without clothes.”


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