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Princess Diana and the Queen were closer than is commonly believed, said royal expert Victoria Arbiter. The Princess of Wales, who would have turned 59 this week, separated from the royal family a year before dying tragically in a car accident in Paris.

However, added Arbiter, she never stopped respecting the institution of the monarchy.In an article for the Australian publication Honey Nine, the expert said: “Contrary to popular belief, Diana had a deep respect for the monarchy and she particularly liked the queen but, freed from the constraints of royal life, she did not was no more necessary to live by its unwritten rules. ”

Arbiter said the late Princess of Wales had regained confidence and energy after her divorce from Prince Charles and the loss of her royal title.

The expert said: “Since her marriage to the royal family, Diana has injected a much-needed dose of sparkle into what was becoming a rather obsolete and stuffy institution, but almost 12 months after her divorce, her sparkle has intensified dramatically.

“Freed from the cloud of sadness that had dominated the previous years, she gave off a new feeling of confidence and, according to her friends, she was excited and hopeful for the future. ”

In the few months that passed between her royal divorce and her untimely death, Princess Diana made many important commitments with lasting impact.

In January 1997, Diana traveled to Angola and crossed a minefield, in a desperate appeal to world leaders to ban landmines.

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Three months before her death, the Princess of Wales traveled to Washington to deliver an anti-mine speech on behalf of the American Red Cross.

Diana also continued to be involved in causes in which she was involved during her marriage to the Prince of Wales, such as homelessness, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse and HIV.

Her two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, marked Diana’s 59th birthday this year with a public message.


The Duke of Sussex recorded a crude and poignant message for the Diana 2020 award ceremony during which he also denounced “endemic” institutional racism.

He said, “I am extremely proud to be a part of these awards because they honor my mother’s legacy and bring out the best in people like you.”

“You all do such incredible work, and in an age of great uncertainty, you have found the power and the inspiration to make a positive mark on the world.

“And I love that the Diana Award can help you do it.”

“I know that my mother was an inspiration to many of you, and I can assure you that she would have fought in your corner.

“Like many of you, she has never taken the easy route, the most popular or the most comfortable.

“But she defended something, and she defended people who needed it.”

“Right now, we see situations in the world where division, isolation and anger dominate, while pain and trauma resurface.

“But I see the greatest hope in people like you, and I am confident about the future of the world and its ability to heal because it is in your hands.” ”

Kensington Palace shared an excerpt from the speech on Twitter, adding: “The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex are proud to congratulate the incredible changemakers who are the recipients of # 2020DianaAwards”.


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