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Prince William revealed he was a regular at the 600-year-old Rose & Crown pub in Sandringham when he visited yesterday before the nationwide pub reopened. The Duke of Cambridge also said that his three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis had accompanied him on his previous visit.

And, he added, they would be very tempted to flout the current rules of social distancing if they were to return to the pub’s play area while lockouts were in place.Speaking of the playground outside the Rose & Crown, the Duke of Cambridge said: “The children have been there several times. ”

He joked, “They will see this as a challenge.”

Local playgrounds were closed in late March, when the government put in place the lock.

During his visit to his local pub, Prince William joked with owners Anthony and Jeannette Goodrich about paying his bill.

After ordering a pint of Aspall Suffolk Draft Cyder and a plate of crisps and sitting in the garden, the Duke of Cambridge said, “I don’t know where I pay, I will before I leave, I promise . ”

The Duke then heard of the difficulties of Mr. and Mrs. Goodrich when closing their pub for 15 weeks.

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The couple said they have to remove 25 full-time staff, who typically work alongside 10 to 15 other weekend workers.

Pub owners have also applied for a government loan to keep their business afloat.

The Rose & Crown has adapted to social distancing measures issued by the government to allow the reopening of pubs and restaurants across the country.


The Duke, speaking of the new guidelines, said, “It could end up with everyone in the pub.

“Because people just want to change the scenery, stay at home for so long.

“I’m sure people will want to go out and explore locally.

“I don’t think they will want to go far. “

William added that he believes that customers must adapt to the new standard for the safety of staff and themselves.

He said, “We all have to take responsibility for our own two-meter bubble.”

Prince William is not the only member of the royal family to have welcomed the reopening of the hotel sector today.

Prince Charles filmed a new video from Clarence House to mark the day dubbed Super Saturday – and acknowledge the difficulties faced in the past four months by restaurants, pubs and hotels.

He said, “It is great news that hotels, restaurants and pubs are starting to open.

“Hospitality connects people and allows them to create wonderful memories with family and friends, whether over a pint of beer, a special family meal or an overnight stay to explore new places .

“All of these experiences have been sorely missed because normal life has been put on hold.

“I know those who are at the forefront of hospitality have also missed their guests. I can therefore only express my warmest gratitude for the resilience and courage shown by those in the hotel industry and offer my deepest sympathy to those who are struggling to maintain their business. ”

“I only pray that we can begin to rebuild a vital and resilient industry.

“Thank you very much for everything you do for this country. ”


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