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Prince William, 38, and his wife Kate Middleton, 38, Duchess of Cambridge, have spoken out on several occasions about how they are coping with the care of their three children amid the coronavirus pandemic. The royal couple even took on the role of teacher to keep Prince George, seven, and Princess Charlotte, five, up to date with their schoolwork during the nationwide lockdown between March and July. However, he was returning to his days in education, which seemed to be a challenge for the Duke, as he revealed in an embarrassing moment that he taught his children in a new podcast for the BBC.

Sitting for the That Peter Crouch podcast, the Duke spoke passionately about his love for football and his personal life.Asked what he had learned during the lockdown, the royal made his embarrassing confession about his digital knowledge.

The prince replied: “Probably my patience is much shorter than I thought… and my wife has a lot of patience. ”

Explaining what led to his sudden spark, the charity boss said, “I was a little embarrassed about my math skills – I can’t do math in 2nd grade!”

Among all the light conversations, the guys on the podcast also talked about the importance of mental health.

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The senior royal has used his platform and his status as President of the Football Association to build more momentum to talk about mental health in men’s sport.

In the midst of the lockdown period, the Duke even featured in his own documentary where he spoke of his own battles.

Discussing the news with 39-year-old Peter Crouch, the Prince reiterated conversations about individual struggles are not a ‘weakness’.

“We all have mental health, and we all need to stay mentally fit… It’s a strength to talk about your mental health,” he said.

Speaking of why he wanted to implement the change, the prince explained: “We hope the principle of renaming the FA Cup is a big enough statement that the UK will show the world, the football world in In particular, that by coming together you can truly say that men’s health is really important.

“I hope this sets the example and principle that mental health is important and I hope this message reaches fans and everyone who cares about mental health.

“We all have mental health and we all need to take care of it,” he added, praising Peter and his team for showing their podcast, especially during the lockdown.

“You are doing a great job, guys. Thanks for seeing me again. It’s fun, it brings people together and hopefully gives them a bit of support – he laughs at a time of uncertainty.

During the lockdown, the Duke also addressed another cause close to his heart and how the UK needs to do more to tackle sleep on the streets.

The prince visited a day center in Peterborough earlier this month, speaking with homeless people.

William, the charity boss, told the Light Project, “I really hope – I mean this pandemic has been really horrible for everyone – I really hope the positivity slithers and the kindness slithers that could arise to be found in the homeless side of things.

“You will never have a better chance nationally to tackle homelessness and do something right,” he added.

This Peter Crouch podcast is available to stream on BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Sounds.


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