Prince Harry puts a pause in the citizenship process to avoid American taxation?


As Harry and Meghan jump through hoops, it looks like they may need to pause their plans

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have started again in Los Angeles, but a number of obstacles still seem to stand in their way.

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex jump through hoops to reach their American dream, it looks like they may have to pause their plans because Harry’s citizenship is currently blocked.

It has been reported that the couple have so far put their plans to go to the United States on the ice after the coronavirus pandemic has thrown their lives in disarray.

According to a royal source cited by the Time“The duke has not applied for dual nationality and I don’t think he will ask for a green card at any time. ”

If Harry applies for US citizenship, he may have to give up his credentials while being forced to pay US income tax.

It is also unclear whether the Duke was granted a special or diplomatic visa or whether he lived in the United States under the 90-day visa waiver program for the British.


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