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The Prince of Wales sent “sincere wishes to the Greek people” in an opinion piece for the Greek daily Ta Nea.

He wrote: “The resilience of Greece and its people has been tested before, and I hope the country will emerge once again with renewed vigor and optimism.“When that moment arrives and the world has passed through this difficult period, my wife and I hope to visit Greece and see you all again.

” Till we Meet Again. “

The apparent heir also recalled the first time he visited the European country over five decades ago and said that it had left him with a “vivid impression”.

Prince Charles’ grandfather, Prince Andrew, was born in Tatoi Palace, on the outskirts of Athens, in 1882.

And over the years, Charles has honored his grandfather’s legacy by creating a number of charitable causes.

Its international trust aims to provide up to 4,000 young people in Greece to find employment.

It also offers them the opportunity to develop their own business or improve opportunities and reach their full potential by 2023.

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He said: “For my part, my own relations with Greece have a special meaning – after all, this is my grandfather’s land …

“In Britain, as everywhere in the Western world, the deep influence of Greece has, since Antiquity, shaped our way of thinking, our way of building, our way of learning and our way of governing.

“The ties between our two countries are deep and are today as strong and as vital as they have ever been.

“In an uncertain world, these links between our countries and our people are of the utmost importance – and will continue as our relationship evolves in the years to come.”

“Thank you once again for your warm and warm welcome to your country, which is always so welcoming.

“I raise my glass for the health of all and for the well-being and friendship of our two peoples. Long live Greece! Long live the UK! ”

Prince Charles recently expressed concern that future generations will lack education due to the closure of the coronavirus.

Charles, the founder of the Prince’s Trust, said last month that it could be “devastating” for people under the age of 25.

He said: “When I founded my trust 44 years ago, the problems faced by young people due to unemployment and a lack of support were serious.

“Now, I fear, these problems have gone from serious to potentially devastating.”


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