Prince Charles ‘showed Meghan Markle warmth and generosity and now must do the same for Harry,’ says royal author


PRINCE Charles showed “great warmth and generosity” to Meghan Markle as he tried to bond with her daughter-in-law, it is claimed.

Royal author Tom Bower, who once dubbed Charles the ‘Rebel Prince’, says Meghan has been praised by the monarchy for her ‘hard work’.

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Prince Charles showed his stepdaughter “warmth and generosity”Credit: Getty – Pool
He led Meghan down the aisle during her wedding to Prince HarryCredit: Getty – Pool

And he says Charles showed his stepdaughter and mother Doria Ragland the ‘warmth’ at Meghan and Harry’s wedding in 2018.

The Prince of Wales made the Duchess of Sussex walk down the aisle in the absence of her own father Thomas Markle Snr.

They would subsequently have developed a close bond and shared an interest in art, culture and history.

The future king even affectionately nicknamed Meghan “Tungsten”, inspired by the hard metal known for its robustness and solidity, it is claimed.

In the Sunday Mail, Mr Bowers said: ‘Charles used the wedding to show the nation that not only was the monarchy generous but eager to embrace multiculturalism and modernity.

‘And in the weeks and months after the wedding, Charles and other senior royals were determined to make it known that Meghan deserved praise for her hard work, independence, sharp wit and apparent enthusiasm. to control it. new role. “

The sensational claims made in Finding Freedom include:

But the author says the couple now appear “defensive and embittered” over the explosive claims made in the Finding Freedom biography.

They were labeled a pair of “whiners” on their long list of complaints in the explosive book.

Among the complaints, Harry and Meghan became frustrated after the Queen and Charles “refused to bend the rules” on Megxit.

This despite Harry continuing to “profit” from discussions with his father during negotiations – with Charles even offering to “help them financially” out of his own pocket if they needed it.

But even though Charles has made it clear that the couple are still part of the group, it has already been claimed that he “personally regrets not seeing his son and his family” since their move to Los Angeles.

Mr Bowers now believes Charles should apply the same ‘spirit of generosity’ he has shown to Meghan to help her ‘rebuild bridges with her son’.

He added: “According to the authors, Charles had made it clear to Harry that he was truly part of the future of the Royal Family, despite calls for a ‘lean monarchy’ with fewer active senior Royals.

“For Meghan, however, I fear there is no turning back. “

The book was published serially in The Times
The book was published serially in The Times

A series of explosive allegations were made in Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Royal Family.

The book claims that Harry was ‘screwed up’ when William warned him not to be ‘blinded by lust’ for new girlfriend Meghan.

The actress has been dubbed “Harry’s showgirl” by a senior royal, while an aide has warned that she “comes with a lot of luggage,” it is claimed.

Harry, 35, was reportedly furious when William, 38, told him not to rush the relationship and called Meghan ‘that girl’.

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, who had access to Harry and Meghan’s close friends, quote a friend of Harry’s as saying: “Harry could see through William’s words. He was a snob.

In another scandalous claim, the book says Meghan was upset that Kate did not ‘reach out’ when she stepped onto the royal stage.

He also claims the relationship got so bitter that Kate snubbed Meghan during her farewell appearance as a senior Royal.

But the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hit back at claims they had avoided the couple as their friends claimed to have ‘rolled out the red carpet’ for her and Harry.

Finding Freedom lifts the veil on Meghan and Harry’s explosive decision to leave the royal family, from the Megxit brand.

The bio claims to provide insight into the movement – and says the couple were furious about taking a ‘back seat’ for royals like Charles and William.

They moaned that they had taken the monarchy to “new heights in the world” and were held back so as not to “eclipse” the family, it is claimed.

The couple now live in Los Angeles with their 14-month-old son Archie after stepping down from royal duties in March.

Charles and Meghan reportedly share a close bond


Charles and Meghan reportedly share a close bondCredit: Getty – Contributor
He must now contact his son, says royal author
He must now contact his son, says royal author
He is now unable to see his family often since their move to Los Angeles
He is now unable to see his family often since their move to Los Angeles

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