Prince Charles called Princess Diana “a child” and wants to cancel the marriage, expert says


Prince Charles and Princess Diana married in 1981 after a short romance quickly turned into a royal engagement. Charles and Diana were not ready to marry, because we now know that they were not in love. But it is possible that Charles’s reluctance to marry him is due to their wide age gap.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their wedding day in 1981. | Express / Getty Images Newspapers

Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a troubled marriage

When Charles and Diana started dating, there was a lot of pressure on the prince to find a woman. Although he is not in love with Diana, he is said to have been pressured by the press and his father, Prince Philip, to signal him. After only 12 dates, Charles proposed.

The marriage of Charles and Diana had not started off on the right foot, and within a few years the two had extramarital affairs. But it was Charles’ infamous affair with Camilla Parker Bowles that led to the couple’s marriage collapsing. Charles revealed once in an interview that he remained faithful to Diana until it became so obvious that there was no love in their marriage.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Prince Charles and Princess Diana | Jayne Fincher / Princess Diana Archive / Getty Images

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The two wanted to cancel the marriage

Charles and Diana should never have married. And according to reports, the two wanted to cancel the marriage, but neither could bring themselves to do it for fear of the backlash. Diana would have told her sisters the night before her marriage that she no longer wanted to live with it; they told him it was too late to change his mind.

Sources say Charles had always been worried about marrying Diana and believed the two were not good for each other, but he was in a position where he had to find a woman in order to keep the appearance.

Charles would have called Diana a “child”

Charles and Diana might have been better off staying friends. Royal expert Sarah Bradford revealed in a documentary that Charles considered Diana a “child” and was not ready to marry her. “She is delightfully pretty, a perfect poppy. But she’s a child, ”said Charles. “She doesn’t look old enough not to go to school, let alone married.” “

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
The marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana ended in 1996. | Princess Diana Archives / Getty Images

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Express said royal expert Ingrid Seward agreed, even adding that Charles’ friends thought the marriage would be “a disaster”. A friend of Charles, Penny Ramsey, also reportedly said that Charles knew deep inside that he and Diana had nothing in common.

Diana didn’t want to divorce

When everything with Charles and Camilla took place, the marriage of Diana and Charles collapsed. But through it all, it has been reported that the princess never wanted to divorce. She wanted to stay married to Charles and live civilly with him, even if the two were not in love. However, the queen had other plans.

Queen Elizabeth is said to have been upset by Diana for speaking so openly about Charles’ treatment of her and felt it was not worth the drama in the family. For this reason, it is widely accepted that divorce was the Queen’s idea.


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