Prince Charles aims to modernize monarchy after becoming king


Prince Charles to change dynamics of royal rights after becoming king

Prince Charles’ views for the future of the British Empire seem in stark contrast to the way the Queen has managed the monarchy over the years. It seems that the prince aims to follow his European counterparts in the modernization of the current order.

According to Nigel Cawthorne, author of Prince Andrew: Epstein and the palace spoke to Express regarding this future change, claiming: “The idea of ​​the monarchy he sees, and in which he seems to be supported by William and, increasingly, it seems that the Queen, is the one suitable for the 21st century. ”

“Like the Windsor parents who reign in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Spain, he prefers to lessen the sense of entitlement of members of the royal family.”

“Being born as Windsor is a privilege, but that doesn’t mean being a number in line with the throne means a right to housing and other benefits from The Firm.”

He also added: “In addition, Prince Charles would have the feeling that this privilege comes with great responsibility”.

According to the expert, this new change will benefit members of the royal family who were born in the cabinet but do not intend to put their lives in the spotlight.

Cawthorne added: “Not all members of the royal family are equally suited to a public role and others may not want to live in the spotlight. ”

“Prince Charles and Prince William have no choice in the matter, and neither does Prince George. But for other Windsors, a royal role is both a gift and a personal choice. ”

According to palace sources, the prince plans to reduce the total number of full-time royal family members representing the Crown, but that would not mean that the cabinet would participate in a reduced number of public appearances.


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