Prince Andrew worried about whether to convict Ghislaine Maxwell, source


A source said: “Volatire on his deathbed, to whom the priest asked to renounce the devil, replied:” Now is not the time to make enemies “.

“The same applies to Prince Andrew. He is damned if he does [condemn Ms Maxwell] and damned if he doesn’t. It does not seem like the right time for him to speak out and criticize her. It seems that now is not the time to do it. ”

Ms. Maxwell, 58, has been a close friend of the prince for about 30 years. The Telegraph obtained and published a photograph over the weekend showing her sitting on the Queen’s throne at Buckingham Palace in 2002 after being taken on a private visit by the prince.

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey sat next to her on the Duke of Edinburgh’s chair in the throne room during the tour, which was arranged to welcome Bill Clinton a year after he resigned from the post of American president.

Maxwell is scheduled to appear in court Friday on charges of four grooming and child sex trafficking charges and two separate perjury charges.

The FBI is currently seeking to interview Prince Andrew as a witness in the case and has asked the Interior Ministry for help to facilitate his interrogation. Prosecutors in the United States have accused the Duke of refusing to help them with their investigations, but his legal team insists that they have written to the authorities five times offering to cooperate.

His friends fear he is the scapegoat for the mistakes made during the previous police investigation into Epstein, in which the billionaire financier was sentenced to a short prison term in exchange for a plea bargain.


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