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Andrew has come under intense scrutiny since his friend, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested last year and investigated for operating an international sex trafficking ring. Epstein committed suicide before his trial last year but his ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in early July in New Hampshire. She has been charged with multiple offenses related to Epstein’s sexual abuse of young women and girls.

It is also believed that she introduced Andrew to Epstein around 20 years ago.Andrew himself has been accused by Virginia Giuffre – then known as Virginia Roberts – of having had sex with her three times.

Ms Giuffre claims she was 17 and was trafficked by Epstein and Ms Maxwell at the time.

Andrew has denied all of the allegations made against him and there is no indication that he is guilty of any wrongdoing.

Buckingham Palace claims the claims are “false and unfounded”.

However, the Duke of York canceled his annual golf vacation this year.

A palace insider told The Sun the Duke of York postponed this year’s trip because he was “nervous” to leave the UK.

This followed an official request from the US Department of Justice to question him as a witness in the Epstein investigation.

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Yet Andrew’s attorneys claim to have offered a witness statement to the DOJ on several occasions.

The author of the explosive new biography ‘Prince Andrew, Epstein and the Palace’ Nigel Cawthorne told this week: “The prince doesn’t appear to be planning on making his annual golf trip to Spain and not doing no other trip to Europe.

« [Film director] Roman Polanski has been arrested by Swiss authorities on behalf of the United States and the prince’s expert “task force” may be taking precautions against any surprises.

The Duke of York’s love of golf has been well publicized over the years, with some believing it to have even reached pro level at some point.

His golf excursions were even examined at one point for the extraordinarily high costs he accumulated in the pursuit of the sport.

Mr Cawthorne continued: “But, as far as Andrew himself, I think he’s a very worried man.

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“He could have helped the FBI soon after offering to help, but instead he delayed and delayed it, much to the public frustration of Manhattan prosecutors.

“He admitted that his reputation is now so low that he would even eclipse his daughter’s happy birthday if he even appeared in a photo.

Andrew’s eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, got married this month in a secret and low-key ceremony.

When official photos were released, royal watchers quickly spotted Andrew’s absence – despite supposedly walking his daughter down the aisle.

Mr Cawthorne continued: ‘Mentally and emotionally the last six months since his attempt to clear his name on the BBC must be grueling, and he increasingly appears to be in prison himself – one of his own creations.

Andrew tried to explain his relationship with Epstein in an interview with BBC Newsnight last November, but it was widely seen as a ‘car accident’ that sparked a crisis for the royal family.

His lawyers also responded to US authorities who again called for Andrew’s help.

They said, “As the public record indicates, the [US] The Department of Justice has been actively investigating Mr Epstein and other targets for over 16 years, but the first time they sought the Duke’s help was on January 2, 2020. ”

They added: “At least three times this year, [he] offered his assistance as a witness to the Department of Justice.

Nigel Cawthorne’s ‘Prince Andrew, Epstein and the Palace’ released in 2020, by Gibson Square Book Ltd, and available for purchase here.


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