Powerful photos show COVID-19 crisis through the eyes of New Yorkers


Photographie de Ximena Exhague, @ximena_exhagueThe Museum of the City of New York will reopen on Saturday with a stunning new outdoor installation. The first phase of the museum New York responds The project includes a photo exhibition depicting life in New York City at the start of the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests that began in May and continue today. Featured from August 1, the powerful photographs were installed on the terrace and railing of the Upper East Side Museum.

“Anthony Payne at work under the Williamsburg Bridge”, June 15, 2020; Photograph by Francesca Magnani, @magnanina

“Creation during COVID-19: Addition of East Village”, May 8, 2020; Photograph by Juliana E Muchinyi, @aluche_events_

Untitled, July 10, 2020; Photograph by Gene Gutenberg, @ guten212

“Pray for us”, April 4, 2020; Photograph by Valerie Caro, @vcamed

In April, MCNY invited New Yorkers to share photos documenting their personal experiences through the lens of the crisis. The installation includes some of these images submitted via social media with the hashtag #COVIDStoriesNYC and #ActivistNY.

Photo by Clayton Benskin, @clay_benskin

Photograph by Milo Hess, @milohessphoto

“Confluence”, June 6, 2020; Photograph of Enrique Garcia, @ n.ri.k

“One for all and all for one”, April 19, 2020; Photograph by Francisco Vasquez, @cisconyc

The new exhibit “features responsive online and on-site interpretive displays reflecting the pandemic, protests and envisioning the future of New York; and distance programs for adults, families and educators. ”

Photos courtesy of MCNY

The outdoor installation is just a starting point for a larger exhibit that will open later this year, according to the museum. MCNY also accepts nominations for items to be included in the physical exhibit or museum collection via email.

The museum will not yet be able to reopen for indoor activities, as Governor Andrew Cuomo banned them from doing so as part of Phase Four earlier this month. Outdoor arts and entertainment are permitted.

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