Posthaste: The ‘real’ reason why gold prices may stay this high (or higher) for years to come


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The lower the real return, the higher the price of gold.

Capital Economics has raised its gold forecast to US $ 1,900 by the end of the year as it expects real yields to remain weak over the next two years.

“As economic uncertainty recedes, demand for safe-haven assets, including gold, is expected to decline,” Capital said. “However, this will only make the price of gold shine a bit, as ultra-low real yields remain a key support. “

The capital also expects groups of investors, worried about the potential for runaway inflation due to stimulus measures exerted on economies during the pandemic, to take refuge in the gold market. Economists, however, believe inflation fears are unfounded and demand for this hedge will decline.
Then there is always FOMO.

“Gold has already hit all-time highs in all other currencies this year, but this shift to record 2011 dollar highs in dollar terms is of course catching all the headlines,” said Adrian Ash, chief research officer. at BullionVault, in Bloomberg. The fear of missing out “drives a flood of speculative money into gold, adding to the strong physical demand in January-June.


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