Polyarc Presses Plays on Augmented Reality Game Development with $ 9 Million Series B Funding Led by Hiro Capital


Polyarc deepens focus on virtual and augmented reality with sixth investment from Hiro, followed by Vulcan Capital and Galaxy Interactive

SEATTLE & LONDON – Polyarc today announced the closing of its $ 9 million Series B fundraiser led by Hiro Capital, followed by Vulcan Capital, an existing investor, and Galaxy Interactive through its Galaxy EOS VC fund, a partnership with the blockchain software publisher EOSIO Block. a. Leveraging the experience gained from creating Moss, one of the highest rated virtual reality (VR) games of all time, and the team’s passion for delivering immersive games using VR technology Today, Polyarc will now add augmented reality (AR) to the studio’s core business skills. . Ian Livingstone, founding partner of Hiro Capital, will join Polyarc’s board of directors.

Polyarc Presses Plays on Augmented Reality Game Development with $ 9 Million Series B Funding Led by Hiro Capital

“What we want people to remember about Polyarc 40 years from now are our characters. Our way to make our characters the most memorable is to create a business geared towards presenting them directly to our players in person. VR, AR and the mid-spectrum provide an opportunity to connect our players to our characters through physical interactions and emotional feedback in a way no other medium can match, ”said Tam Armstrong, CEO and co-founder of Polyarc. “This round of funding was essential so that we could broaden our development focus to further encompass VR and AR games.”

Polyarc was founded in 2016 by Chris Alderson, Tam Armstrong and Danny Bulla to seize the unique opportunity to contribute to the fundamental design space and language of a fundamental new form of games. This is the second round of funding, as Polyarc raised $ 3.5 million in 2016 to finance the development of Mousse, which ranks among the top rated VR games of all time and has received over 80 global industry awards and nominations from notable organizations such as BAFTA, The Game Awards, E3 Game Critics, DICE , GDC, Golden Joystick and Annie Awards.

Ian Livingstone, Founding Partner of Hiro Capital, said, “Polyarc is a recognized leader in the development of innovative interactive VR entertainment, and Moss is their amazing game that showcases the beauty and possibilities of what the VR platform can offer. . Hiro Capital is excited to invest in Polyarc to help accelerate the future development of the Mixed Reality Experiences Studio. ”

Hiro Capital launched a € 100 million fund in 2019 to support leading tech entrepreneurs and creative studios in games, esports and digital sports, as well as industry applications of Cloud, Mobile, Streaming , Big Data, AI, Wearables and AR and VR technologies. Hiro Capital’s investment in Polyarc joins a growing portfolio of investments that now includes Flavourworks, LIV, Edgegap, FitXR and NURVV.

“We are delighted to partner with Polyarc to take mixed reality to the next level. It’s a super smart and passionate team that combines creativity and business vision. Hiro invests in strong character-driven intellectual property on next-generation cross-platform technology: We believe Polyarc will be a leader in the next generation of immersive entertainment. Said Luke Alvarez, Managing Partner of Hiro.

For more information about Polyarc and career opportunities, visit www.polyarcgames.com and follow Polyarc’s official channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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About Polyarc
Polyarc, located in Seattle, was founded in 2015 to explore the energizing and important creative possibilities of virtual and augmented reality, and to champion a culture where deep collaboration, creative expression and high player value are at the forefront. of each innovation. Self-published Polyarc Mousse in 2018, which ranks among the highest rated VR games of all time and has received over 80 global industry awards and nominations. Polyarc’s team is made up of talented developers with extensive experience working on well known AAA franchises such as destin, Halo, Red Dead Redemption, and Guild Wars. https://www.polyarcgames.com/

About Hiro Capital
Hiro Capital is a Luxembourg / London technology venture capital fund that invests in US, European and UK innovators in games, esports and digital sports. Hiro Capital typically invests in the post-seed stages of Series A and B. We invest in both front-end content creators in games, e-sports and digital sports and in applications specific to the deep tech industry. Cloud, Mobile, Streaming, Big Data, AI, Wearable, AR and VR technologies.

We support experienced entrepreneurial teams, building innovative technologies and content with a strongly differentiated proposition and with the possibility of evolving to become very large.

We are investors in games, esport and sport who are also entrepreneurs in games, esport and sport. Our fundamental belief is that games, e-sports and digital sports will be a central pillar of entertainment, economic and social life in the mid-21st century. We invest in the innovative heroes who are building this future. https://hiro.capital/


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