Police Stretch As Super Saturday in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Fall Into Chaos Drunk as New Years Eve


Police are facing an increasing number of incidents as Super Saturday descended into intoxicating chaos across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.Police chief Gareth Morgan attacked a “significant number” of revelers tonight who are pushing his officers to the limit.

It was unleashed after the pubs reopened for the first time since the lock was relaxed.

And the best Staffordshire police cop even compared the night to New Years Eve.

Mr. Morgan did not highlight where in particular there were problems.

However, StokeonTrentLive has been informed of drunk behavior in downtown Stafford.

Similar problems related to the consumption of beverages have been reported across the country.

The photos show a large number of people gathering with pints in their hands as the country emerges from three months of “national hibernation”.

Massive queues were seen outside pubs elsewhere in the country all day, some punters reportedly waited up to an hour to enter.

While many people have kept their distance from the photos, others seem to ignore the government’s one-meter distance rules.

Writing on Twitter, Morgan said, “Calls related to alcohol and drink have now increased significantly in the Staffordshire police area.

“As always, the majority are able to follow the rules, but a significant number cannot. For those who work this Saturday, it doesn’t feel so great… ”


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