Police disperse Brampton home party attended by up to 200 people


Police and regulations officials said they hosted a house party in Brampton attended by up to 200 people on Saturday night.Organizers tried to keep the rally off social media and hide the event from their neighbors, according to Peel Regional Police.

Officers said they were called to the area of ​​Countryside Drive and Goreway Road around 10 p.m. due to noise complaints and reports of a large party going on inside a house.

When police arrived at the scene with status officers, it took them about an hour to disperse everyone and send them home.

No arrests were made, but police said people were inside and outside the house.

Officials said the owner or party organizer also hired security to park cars in nearby yards, driveways and green spaces.

A video posted to social media showed numerous vehicles parked on the grass near the property.

The neighbor took a video after seeing cars in the area

Haman Sohi took a video while driving around the neighborhood and noticed the “unusual” number of cars in the neighborhood.

Sohi, who lives minutes from where the party took place, said the scene concerned him.

“Obviously, people don’t take things seriously. I don’t think they realize the big picture. Our whole community is affected and that is exactly why we are not going into step 3, ”he said.

Following the video he posted to Instagram, Sohi said he received numerous messages and comments from people online claiming the party wasn’t a big deal and the pandemic just wasn’t real. .

“This is not a snitch. I didn’t even call anyone. The police were already on the scene. It’s just common sense that when you see 150 cars that aren’t normally there for a party, the community would be worried, ”he told me.

Sohi told CBC Toronto he has friends who have struggled with symptoms of COVID-19 and is disappointed with the response of people who do not take the virus seriously when vulnerable people are injured.

“We can wait for the holidays, but when there are between two and three hundred people, it cannot be a mistake. It’s an organized event and it hurts the community as a whole. These people did not like the rules. place. “

Police hope party not part of a trend

Const. Peel Police spokesperson Danny Martini says police are hopeful these large gatherings won’t be part of a larger trend.

“People were making these good habits and they were doing all the right things. Now that we have moved on to Steps 1 and 2, people thought things were safer, but in reality nothing has changed. safe choices. Wear a mask, wash your hands and keep a safe distance, ”she says.

Brampton City Councilor Gurpeet Dhillon said in a tweet that this party was unacceptable.

Under provincial emergency restrictions, gatherings in Peel Region are limited to 10 people, with physical distance to be maintained between members of different households.

The parties have been blamed for a string of recent COVID-19 infections in Ottawa and Schomberg.

Brampton’s settlement officers did not say whether tickets were issued against organizers or against those in attendance.


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