Police catch hopping kangaroo in Fort Lauderdale


FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – Police caught an unlikely bouncing suspect in a Florida neighborhood Thursday morning.

After receiving a call about a fleeing kangaroo, police in Fort Lauderdale managed to capture him and put him in a police car. The marsupial was taken to a barn where the agency keeps its horses.

Anthony Macias, who claims to be the owner of the kangaroo, told the Sun Sentinel that he hoped to bring his pet, Jack, home, but was told by police that the animal would not be returned because Fort Lauderdale is not zoned for kangaroos.

Macias said he was at work when he learned that Jack had escaped.

“I was taking out the trash and I didn’t close the door completely,” said Macias. “I guess he just made his way through. ”

Jack was first seen about a block from Macias’ home around 9:30 am, officials said. Officers followed him for three blocks before catching him.

Macias said he got Jack about four months ago from a Davie man who was on the move and no longer wanted the animal. Macias also has a Corgi named Max.

“They love each other,” he said. “They play and run. ”

Officials were unsure where Jack would end up, but Macias said he had friends in Palm Beach County who were allowed to house kangaroos.


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