Police called Tiger King zoo after film crew thought they found human remains


Police were reportedly called to an Oklahoma zoo that previously belonged to Tiger King star Joe Exotic, after a film crew believed they had discovered human remains.

According to TMZ, law enforcement arrived after dogs who were already on the scene appeared to report that they had found parts of a body in an alligator pit.

It was then found that the remains were apparently those of a small animal – possibly an alligator – and officials declared the matter closed.

Dogs reportedly brought in as part of Zak Bagans episode Ghostly adventures.

Wynnewood Zoo was originally owned by Exotic until he was convicted of animal abuse and murder on account of a plot to kill his rival, Carole Baskin. He is currently serving a 22-year sentence.

A judge has since granted 58-year-old Baskin full control of Exotic’s 16.4-acre park to help resolve a $ 1 million (£ 792,000) judgment that Exotic had been sentenced to pay her for copyright infringement.

Exotic had originally left the zoo for his former business partner, Jeff Lowe, and his mother. However, the judge ruled that his transfer of zoo land a few years ago was fraudulent.

Lowe had 120 days to vacate the premises and remove all of his exotic animals from the property.

In a Twitter post, Exotic management said Baskin’s takeover of GW Exotic Animal Memorial Park was “a dark day in history.”

“Carole Baskin robbed the zoo while Joe is helpless behind bars and the world is trying to fix the breakdown in our police force,” said the tweet.


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