Pizzagate 2.0? Wayfair forced to deny bizarre rumors that its “overpriced cupboards” are the frontline of child trafficking




    Le marché du meuble Wayfair a été contraint de répondre aux accusations de trafic sexuel après qu'un complot élaboré à la Pizzagate établissant des liens entre les noms d'articles `` trop chers '' et `` enfants disparus '' soit devenu viral.

La spéculation a apparemment été lancée sur Reddit avec l'utilisateur PrincessPeach1987 publiant une capture d'écran de la collection d'armoires WFX Utility du vendeur de meubles sur le forum r / complot du site qui a mis en évidence les prix exorbitants (entre 12 699,99 $ et 14 499,99 $ pour une seule armoire) et les noms impairs - comme Samiyah, Alyvia, Yaritza et Neriah - qui correspondaient aux noms des enfants disparus. Aussi sur Les gens «cool» savaient que Ghislaine Maxwell a fourni des «filles mineures pour le sexe», dit l'ancien PDG de Reddit… reprend immédiatement la révélation

« Is it possible that Wayfair is involved in human trafficking with its WFX Utility collection? Or are they just extremely expensive cabinets? ” she asked. Amateur detectives painting the Wayfair site immediately found quirks far beyond the cupboard section, including ridiculously priced cushions and ” unique in it’s genreCarpets that also seemed to share the names of the missing children.

Rumors quickly spiraled out of control on social media, with some confused users claiming that Wayfair was actually shipping trafficked children. inside expensive cabinets – something missing from the original publication – while others suggested plugging the SKU numbers of the suspect merchandise into a search engine would reveal pictures of the child ” for sale“Under a particular product name. Still others observed that Wayfair had started cleaning up its site from “incriminating”Material – surely an admission of guilt!

Despite the lack of factual evidence behind the disturbing allegations, history has received so much attention that Wayfair has issued a statement denying them. A spokesperson for the site told Fox Business that the company had “temporarily removed products “In order to” rename them and provide a more in-depth description and photosTo justify the high prices. ” There is, of course, no truth to these claims“Said the statement, calling the elements”precise price“And by quoting their”industrial levelAs a reason for the high amounts.

As for the cushions at $ 9,999 and the photo albums for babies at $ 15,999, they were due to a “seedSaid Wayfair.

Similar ” utility quality“From cabinets to those sold on the Wayfair site at retail for less than $ 1,000, and while some users have ventured that the absurd prices were instead of listing items as”Out of stockOthers have rejected this explanation.

Unsurprisingly, the company’s denials have only fueled new speculation, as hunter-hunters demanded to know why Wayfair was changing its product name and memorizing theevidenceWhile others simply rolled their eyes at the idea of ​​believing on the site whether or not it was child trafficking.

Several noted the rapid response ” fact checks“By Snopes and the Poynter Institute as”evidence“Wayfair was not good.

The furniture retailer has already been criticized, facing a boycott and strike by employees for selling beds at the Trump administration’s immigration detention centers. However, the latest set of allegations makes Pizzagate – the claim that leaked presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign emails contain coded references to pedophilia – looks positively pedestrian. With the deceased pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, the alleged Madam Ghislaine Maxwell arrested last month, however, it is easy to see why child trafficking could be on people’s minds.

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