Photos illustrate the aftermath of Johnny Depp’s alleged Amber Heard whim


Photos shown in British court on Thursday illustrate the unpleasant consequences of Johnny Depp’s alleged assaults on ex-wife Amber Heard – with the star accused of having his hair pulled out and kicked in the face during a row from 2015.Depp, 57, accuses British newspaper Sun of defamation for an April 2018 article calling him a “woman thresher” for his explosive relationship with Heard, 34.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star vehemently denied having reached out to Heard angrily, accusing his ex “sociopath” of being abusive.

Photos posted to the London High Court on Thursday, however, allegedly show the consequences of what Sun Sasha Wass’ lawyer described as Depp’s alcohol and drug spillovers.

A shot shows a tuft of hair, Heard’s blond strands were allegedly ripped from his scalp by Depp during an alleged eruption in 2015 in their Los Angeles penthouse.

“I’m going to kill you – king to kill you!” Depp was charged with yelling at his wife, dragging her by the hair, cutting her head and grabbing her by the throat, the court heard on Thursday, according to the Daily Mail.

Oscar candidate also allegedly hit Heard multiple times during attack – also allegedly hit her sister while trying to intervene, the court said.

Heard wore black eyes on another photo shown, but Depp considered the account to be a “lie”, insisting that he had acted in self-defense – while admitting that he may have hit Heard , but that it was not “intentional”, according to the Mail.

The photos also show the California penthouse in disarray after the alleged explosion, including huge baskets of clothes spilled on the floor.

Images were also shown illustrating the aftermath of another infamous 2015 clash in a rented house in Australia, in which Depp claims Heard cut his finger with a discarded bottle of vodka – and he used the resulting blood to smear “I love you” on a mirror.

In addition to the mirror itself, the court saw photos of a table in the house where Depp allegedly scribbled more ramblings.

“Why be a fraud? Reads the golden scribble. “Everything is such bulls – t. ”

In what Heard described in a written statement as a “three-day physical assault test,” Depp allegedly tore off his nightgown, pushed it onto a ping pong table, and smothered it against a refrigerator, forcing him to barricade himself. in a room.

Depp Thursday conceded the pair had a heated row – and that it was “possible” that it was above her Heard accusation of infidelity – but again, she insisted that she was violent.

The Sun’s defense that his “wife-drummer” report was not defamatory is based on Heard’s allegations of 14 incidents of violence by Depp between 2013 and 2016.


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