Peter and Emily Andre share the secret of happiness for their fifth wedding anniversary


As one of the most beloved couples in showbiz, Peter and Emily Andre have one of the most enviable weddings.Coming from horizons that couldn’t be further – she is a doctor and he is an internationally recognized pop star and sex symbol – no one could have brought these two together.

But eight years later, a marriage and two children later, Pete and Emily are stronger than ever.

Today marks their fifth wedding anniversary, after having tied a knot at a beautiful Devon ceremony in 2015.

They remain as in love as ever, and although they boast of a “balance” for their family, the couple is not afraid of one or two disagreements.

Super couple showbiz shared their marriage experiences – including how disagreements can be beneficial

In fact, Pete says it’s a vital lesson to learn.

“We have two completely different ways of looking at it,” said the 47-year-old to the Sun, “but we are creating a great balance. ”

The couple recently decided to send their children back to school – even though Peter initially objected.

Pete says they like disagreement – because it gives them balance

Pete and Emily live a mixed family life

But Emily had said it would be a good thing, and, trusting his expertise as a doctor, Pete came to accept it.

Emily once said that she didn’t want their children’s faces to be shown – something Peter didn’t do for his other children.

They share Millie, six, and Theo, three, while Peter has Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with ex-wife Katie Price.

Peter and Emily have decided to hide their children’s faces

Junior and Princess have been in the spotlight since day one

While Junior and Princess have been in the spotlight since they were just toddlers, Emily insists that Millie and Theo be kept out of the cameras – which Pete seriously respects.

Emily added that when Junior and Princess were little, social media was not such a serious force.

But nowadays, she says, it’s a different story, and she doesn’t let her children be exposed to it.

“Millie once asked me why her face couldn’t be shown on TV, but I think 100% it’s the right thing to do,” said the beloved mom.

She continued, “I have seen comments where people are horrible about the appearance of a famous baby and children. “


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