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Scotland will move on to phase three of its plan to break out of the lockdown, with Scots from up to three different households being able to meet indoors and stay overnight from Friday.Open-air meetings of up to five households, with a maximum of 15 people, will also be allowed, the Prime Minister said.

Nicola Sturgeon announced the move to MSPs Thursday after the three times weekly review of the lockout measures.

She confirmed that the social distance of two meters, while remaining in place as a whole, will be relaxed in key sectors.

Public transport and retail will see the rule relaxed from Friday, the Prime Minister said.

However, mitigation measures will have to be implemented in these sectors, with face coatings in stores also compulsory from Friday.

This rule, provided that companies have mitigation measures, will also be relaxed for bars, restaurants and cafes – which can reopen indoors and outdoors from Wednesday, July 15.

Tourism businesses such as hotels will be able to open as scheduled in Scotland on July 15, the Prime Minister confirmed to MSP.

Museums, galleries, libraries and cinemas, provided tickets are purchased in advance, can accommodate people again from this date.

Hairdressers and barbers will open on July 15, with tips for the industry expected to be released this week.

The stores in the shopping centers will also be allowed to reopen, which means that the majority of the commercial premises will be operational in phase three.

From July 22, personal retail stores such as beauticians and nail salons can resume work.

This is due to the fact that no new deaths from coronavirus have been reported in Scotland in the past 24 hours.

The Prime Minister told MSPs that while the virus is being phased out in Scotland, it has not yet disappeared.

She said, “The lock has removed it, but as the lock releases, there is a very real risk that it will spread again.

“And it’s not a guess – it’s already happening in many parts of the world.

“And with each restriction we lift, the risk increases – especially as we start to allow more indoor activity.

“So we all have to do our best to fix it.”

As of Friday, up to 15 people from five different households will be allowed to meet outside, the Prime Minister said, as long as a distance of two meters is respected.

A maximum of eight people from three different households can now meet indoors.

However, the FM described the change as “one of the most risky changes we have made so far.”

She continued, “We know that the risk of transmitting the virus indoors is much higher than it is outside.

“It is therefore essential that we all take great care and strictly follow all public health advice.”

Couples who do not live together will now be able to meet without physically distancing themselves, whatever their lifestyle.

Indoor hotel businesses were also allowed to open on July 15, but Sturgeon added: “As with indoor housekeeping meetings, the opening of indoor hotels poses significant transmission risks. increased.

“It is therefore essential that health and safety guidelines are followed rigorously by businesses, staff and customers.

“This includes advice on physical distance and taking customer contact information.”

The Prime Minister said that the announcement of beauty and manicure salons was not expected so soon and revealed that other measures had been put forward.

Places of worship may reopen for prayer and communal services, sooner than expected, but with restrictions on song and song, at a distance of two meters and leave the necessary contact details.

Restrictions on the number of spectators at funerals, weddings and civil partnerships will also be relaxed, although these numbers are “even more limited” than those allowed to return to places of worship.

The motorcycle lessons as well as the theoretical tests and the danger tests will be able to resume – but not the courses for those who learn to drive a car.

No date has been given for the reopening of indoor gymnasiums, bingo halls, live events and non-essential offices.

Sturgeon said there should be “cautious hope” in Scotland about the removal of the virus, but added that it was still a period of “real danger”.

She told the Scottish Parliament: “Next week represents the most substantial easing of the foreclosure so far.

“And everything we learn about it, a new virus – its contagiousness, its ability to kill and its potential to harm health in the long term – should warn us that we are spoiling it at our own risk.

“And therefore perhaps more than ever, the time has come to exercise great caution. “


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