Pelosi: Trump “crossed a bridge” when he put on a mask


During the interview, Pelosi called for more federal funding to limit the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, including by extending unemployment benefits which will expire in late July. The cost of the pandemic has exceeded the first $ 8.3 billion package on the coronavirus that the House adopted in March, which, at the time, Pelosi said, would help respond to the scale of the pandemic.

Pelosi said Sunday that she had not initially underestimated the scale of the pandemic, and instead stressed Trump, who she said was in “denial” of the virus. Pelosi was criticized – especially on the right – for her February 24 visit to Chinatown in San Francisco, where she encouraged people not to be afraid to come because of Covid-19.

“What we did was when we wrote the first Covid bill, which we introduced and passed on March 4. These were tests, tests, tests. Because if you don’t test, you have no idea what the problem is, “said Pelosi.

“We were drafting the bill to find out what the threat was to us, while the president spoke of delay, denial, calling it a hoax and causing deaths.”


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