Paula Tilbrook dies: Emmerdale star dies at 89 after 21 as Betty Eagleton on soap


Paula Tilbrook of Emmerdale died at the age of 89.The soap star was famous for her role as Betty Eagleton, which she played for 21 years on Emmerdale.

Fans fell in love with her when the actress played a big part on the soap from 1994 until her retirement in 2015.

News of her death made headlines on Wednesday, but the actress died six months ago on December 1 of last year.

His death was revealed when his obituary was published on The Stage on Wednesday.

The cause of his death has not been made public.

Emmerdale star Paula Tilbrook dies at age 89 after 21 as Betty Eagleton on soap

It’s been five years since Paula retired from acting in 2015, and she retired from her longtime role in Emmerdale.

Paula’s acting career also saw her appear on Coronation Street 11 times in 1973.

She also diversified into radio when she worked in the entertainment industry.

She played a huge role on soap from 1994 until her retirement in 2015

Paula also had minor film roles to her name, but she was best known for her 21 years at Emmerdale.

Her last scenes in Emmerdale as Betty were shown on television screens in May 2015.

The heartwarming story has seen sherry gossip finally find love and reveal to the village their plans to move to Australia.

Her last scenes as Betty broadcast on television screens in May 2015

Paula was on the moon with her character script as she joked, begging the producers not to kill her character.

Emmerdale fans and television bosses were devastated when Paula said her last goodbye to soap because her character Betty had survived all kinds of drama and scandal for 21 years.

She said to Digital Spy at the time, “I’m absolutely impressed with this. I’m on the moon and I fill up every time I think about it! I don’t think we do it very often.

“I asked our producer, bless her, not to have me murdered because I was tired of the murders!” It’s a very, very dangerous place – you’re better in the Bronx than in Emmerdale! ”

“She said, ‘Oh no, sure I won’t’ – and she didn’t. It is a correct end and it is a happy end. Who doesn’t love a happy ending? “


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