Patrick Mahomes expresses dismay at the status of the NFL-NFLPA talks


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What a difference six days make.

Last Friday, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes expressed optimism that the NFL and the NFL Players Association will be able to resolve any differences that would hamper the 2020 season. Now? Do not.

“The stuff is crazy,” Mahomes tweeted Thursday evening. “All this time we have had and now we are there. ”

His comments came in response to a tweet from NFL Media regarding the clock ticking between the league and the union over pandemic safety protocols. If no agreement is reached, the league will implement the rules and the union would challenge them via an accelerated grievance.

This is far from the optimism expressed by Mahomes on July 10 during an appearance on ESPN: “The NFLPA and the NFL talk about it and try to find the best way for us to go back and practice the sport we love, keep ourselves safe and follow the right protocol so that we do not hurt anyone or hurt ourselves. I trust the officials will do the right thing and make us play the sport we love and do it the right way. ”

There is still a chance that an agreement will be reached. The NFL continues to be a time-bound enterprise. However, the deadline is here. It is time for both sides to understand their differences, and then join forces to face the far greater threat of the 2020 season.


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