Pat Musitano, the boss of the murdered crowd, symbolized the Mafia of Ontario with its chic gangster – and the chaos that overshadowed it


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A few months before the murder of his brother, he ordered his armored SUV. The extra protection almost doubled the price of the huge black Denali.

The doors were loaded with metal plating, its glass was 19 millimeters thick, the tires were reinforced to function even if they were knocked down.

“It was bombproof, bulletproof and gas-proof,” said a person familiar with the vehicle.

Such a tank, however, can only protect what is inside.

Gangsters need to see and be seen. Serious mafia affairs must be done face to face, even during a pandemic.

Halton police said the leaked car was a newer model, a gray four-door sedan with a sunroof, similar to an Infiniti Q50. The vehicle will suffer further damage to the driver’s side doors.

The mafia murders are notoriously difficult to solve.

The police investigation into the murder of Musitano began under time pressure.

In the afternoon, police took advantage of display furniture outside a patio furniture store next to the crime scene to protect themselves from the scorching sun.

At dinner time, investigators were rushing into hiding when the sky darkened and a thunderous rainstorm rammed with such force, regardless of the forensic evidence from the parking lot that they didn’t had not yet been processed would surely have been wiped out.

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