Passengers on 4 flights to YVR have been warned of possible exposure to COVID-19


Health officials are warning passengers of four recent flights to Vancouver International Airport of possible exposure to COVID-19.The warning comes just days after Health Minister Adrian Dix said he wanted to see evidence that it was safe for British Columbians to fly,

The B.C. The Center for Disease Control requires all passengers on the affected flights to isolate themselves and watch for symptoms for 14 days after their flight.

According to the BCCDC, the flights concerned are:

  • June 3, Delta flight 3898 from Seattle
  • June 16, Air Canada Flight 217 departing from Saskatoon
  • June 18, Air Canada Flight 557 from Los Angeles
  • June 21, Flair Airlines flight 8102 departing from Toronto

Information on the number of passengers potentially affected was not immediately available.

“We are aware of the positive COVID-19 passengers on our flight 8102 on June 21, 2020,” said Jamina Kotak with Flair Airlines.

“We have had no employees or flight crews who test positive for COVID-19, and we do not know that any other passengers on this flight have been affected,” she said.

Dix said on Monday that he wanted to see evidence that he was confident that the country’s two largest airlines would abandon their flight distancing policies during the pandemic.

Dix said he would like to hear from federal agencies to allay their fears or explain why they authorized Air Canada and WestJet to end seat distancing policies effective July 1.

The airlines announced last week that they were using the health recommendations of the United Nations Aviation Agency and the International Air Transport Association.

In May, there was potential exposure to COVID-19 for passengers on two domestic flights and four international flights landing at YVR, according to the BCCDC.


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