Passengers’ eyes hacked into a wild fight on a train bound for Liverpool on title day


Shocking footage shows a man on a train apparently trying to look away from another passenger in a fight.A fight broke out on a train as it arrived in Liverpool Lime Street, as football fans crowded into town to celebrate the Reds’ Premier League victory.

Mobile phone images capture a group of passengers desperately trying to hold on to two men as the train stops at the downtown station.

Thousands of Liverpool fans flock to the city to celebrate the victory on Friday afternoon when the incident took place, reports the Liverpool Echo.

The “gouging” was captured in images taken on a phone

The distressing images of the cell phone, taken inside one of the train cars, appear to show two men locked in a fight.

In the images, a passenger can be seen in a headache by a passenger in order to restrain him.

The video then shows a group of women, some in LFC shirts, forming a barrier between the men trying to stop the fight.

A man in a black and white checkered shirt can then be seen putting his hand on the face of the man, who was caught in a headache, and trying to stick his finger in his eyes.

Passenger Claws Another Man’s Face

Temperaments frayed on the train to Liverpool Lime Street station

Friday afternoon, the train was traveling from St Helens to Lime Street.

British transport police are investigating, confirmed the force.

A spokesperson said: “The UK transport police have been informed of the video and will investigate. ”

Anyone with information about the incident call reports it to 0800 40 50 40 or by SMS 61016.


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