Pasadena begins outdoor dining with partial street closures on Colorado Boulevard


Never miss a morning briefing. Subscribe today to receive our AM newsletter in your inbox.Many Americans probably hadn’t heard of so-called “wet markets” until recently, when a theory began to circulate that the coronavirus started in such a facility in China. And now the reports Yingjie Wang, the city council could to close those who operate in LA

There are only a few dozen of these markets in the city, where they function largely as butchers, slaughtering animals such as chickens and ducks on the spot. No known foodborne illness has come from the Los Angeles wet markets, and because of this, some owners believe the recently proposed action is nothing more than barely veiled coronavirus racism.

“It’s my job, and I don’t want to lose it,” Nataneal butcher at LA Fresh Poultry told Yingjie Merare. “It is an uncomfortable position knowing that they might want to close this type of business. “

Read on to find out more about what’s going on in Los Angeles todayand stay safe.

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Le coronavirus a forced freezing of visiting hours at locked mental health facilities, including La Casa 190 beds in Long Beach. Robert Garrova catches a mother who is cutting bushes to talk to her son through the window overlooking the parking lot.

The organizers recently decided to cancel the Angel City 2020 Games, the first adaptive sports competition in southern California. They pivot to a “Virtual Games” format, reports David Davisand if adaptive athletes have fewer competitive opportunities than non-disabled athletes, they can adapt to unusual circumstances.

Despite having received between $ 350,000 and $ 1 million in bailout loans to protect jobs, the Right Citizens Brigade has laid off almost all of its staff during the closure of COVID-19 and did not put employees back on their payroll. Mike Roe has history.

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The last 24 hours in LA

Money matters: Wealthier, Whiter Areas of LA County Received many more paycheck protection program loans than low-income areas where residents are predominantly Latino or black. The LA County Sanitation Department is offer discounts for certain companies that were closed during coronavirus closings. The Assemblyman Miguel Santiago co-wrote a bill that create a public bank.

LA’s “wet markets”: Live animal markets (aka “wet markets“) Meet the needs of thousands of residents, but some city officials in LA want to ban them.

Pending cases: The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department says it has concluded that Robert Fuller hanged himself in Palmdale. The lawyer for the sheriff’s deputy who shot down Andrés Guardado said it was ” self defense. «

Ingenuity of coronaviruses: In Orange County, a community clinic serving Korean immigrants took an asian idea for COVID-19 testing and made it their own: a contactless test booth. LA County a commis an ambitious COVID-19 recovery plan with the aim of quickly finding housing for 15,000 homeless people.

Shelter and air: More than half of California’s mobile home parks were not state inspected at all between 2010 and 2019, according to a recent audit. All of these illegal July 4 fireworks gave LA the worst air quality in a decade.

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Photo of the day

Abdel Salam Elhawary works at the registry at LA Fresh Poultry, his market that slaughters animals on site, near Virgil Village.

(Chava Sanchez / LAist)

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