Pandemic fatigue sets in, says Calgary infectious disease expert


Content of the article

As COVID-19 cases start to increase in Alberta at a faster rate than in much of the rest of Canada, an infectious disease specialist from the University of Calgary says many are starting to experience “pandemic fatigue” and become less diligent in following public health practices.

On Thursday and Friday, Alberta recorded day-long jumps in new coronavirus cases hitting triple digits, the first time since May 2. Dr Vanessa Meier-Stephenson said the number of cases was concerning and activity was increasing. which makes it more difficult to determine where the virus is spreading.

She points to two alarming trends that suggest some complacency on the part of Albertans: the majority of new cases in the past week have an unknown source of transmission (60%) and are under 40 (54%).

“If someone has visited a grocery store and ate out a few times and then went to the beach on weekends or in group meetings, we can’t know when they may have been infected or infecting others, ”said Meier-Stephenson.


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