Panama: seven young people found dead after a trip to Lake Gatun


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An aerial view photo file of the Panama Canal next to Gatun Lake

Panama police are investigating the deaths of seven young people whose bodies were found in a wooded area near a lake on Saturday.

The victims – four women and three men aged 17 to 22 – were found near Gatun Lake, 80 km north of the capital, Panama City.

They had been in a group of 14 on a trip to the lake. The seven people who escaped said two gunmen attacked them.

One person was arrested, according to the prosecution.

The group of 14 left on Friday to walk to the lake, Efe news agency reported.

Some of the victims had injuries consistent with gunshot wounds, homicide prosecutor Adolfo Pineda told reporters.

“It is truly a shocking event from all points of view,” he said.

The motive for the attack has not yet been determined. Authorities searched the area where the bodies were found.

Five of the bodies were reportedly found in a refuge, or shelter, on the shores of the lake, and the other two outside.

Local media reported that some family members of the victims alerted police that they were missing on Friday.


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