Paige VanZant loves UFC but “I could have had a regular job with the same salary” in the past six years


As Paige VanZant prepares to return to action at UFC 251, she understands in many ways that this is the biggest fight of her life.

There are no titles to win, nor will winning give him a chance to win a championship. Instead, VanZant’s future is at stake as it struggles to end its current UFC contract with plans to test the free agency afterwards.

“I feel like I’m betting on myself here,” VanZant told MMA Fighting. “You don’t know your value until you test it. I want to know how people see my value.

“I feel more than ever, especially with myself hurting myself, that if I want to be a professional fighter, I need it to be worth it. It must be worth it that I break my arm every day and get into the cage and bleed and sacrifice. “


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